Training Review & Analysis

Let our performance coach analyze your past and present training. See what’s holding you back & what to improve!

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Translating training data into useful answers

If you’re not ready for monthly coaching but want some professional input into your training, our training review is the next best way to get expert advice on your training and data. Our head coach has experience and skills that are invaluable.

Understand if you going in the right direction

Discover if you have been training effectively and where is your fitness heading.

Where can you improve your training

Discover what’s holding you back and why you are not improving more rapidly.

Identify your strengths and weaknesses

Learn what your strength & weaknesses are, this gives you understanding to guide your future development.

How It Works

Step 1

Complete a form telling us about your training and lifestyle.

Step 2

Our coach will schedule a 30-minute zoom meeting with you to discuss your questions and form responses.

Step 3

The coach will spend 2 hours researching your data, past, and present.

*Requirement: 3 months of training information.

Step 4

The coach will schedule a 1-hour live review via Zoom, review the data togheter with you, answers to your questions, and provide training suggestions.

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All you need to get started is at least 3 months of training data!

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What Specific Insights You Can Discover?

Are you going in the right direction?

Let us identify whether or not you were overtraining or undertraining, whether you reached a fitness plateau, and why. Discover if you structured your season well and if you were at optimal training readiness for your important training sessions and target events.

Technical-Tactical Analysis From Competition

By video analysis we can break down crutial points in the match and show your strength and weeknesses, but also give you technical and tactical advices for futher development of your judo.

Technical-Tactical analysis from Training

We analyzes your technical-tactical training to make sure you’re training effectively, and provide feedback on what to futher develop in the training.

Lifestyle & Health Analysis

Depending on your training data we can analys your overall lifestyle and your health, sleeping patterns, weight, heart rate and other data, to identify patterns of overtraining and fitness plateau, and how to can continue.

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