Competition & Technical Analysis

Let us analys your competitions! We give you detailed feedback along with a ful time-motion analys and technical-tactical review on what is good and what needs to develop.

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Translating competition videos into useful answers

We can give you the most extensive competition & technical analysis, wher we provide you with a traditional videoanalysis in athlete analyzer. But futher support it with a indeepth time-motion and technical-tactical analysis with SWOT-analysis for each sequenses. So you can get an deper understanding of your Judo and how to develop it futher.

Standard Video Analysis

We provide the standard video analysis of your matches in athlete analyser and tag that information.

Indepth Time-motion and Technical-Tactical Analysis

With our Time-motion and Technical-Tactical analysis with a SWOT-analysis you will get indepth information about your judo i specific situations during the match.

Identify your strengths and weaknesses

We identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threaths in your judo for specific sequenses in the match.

Match Analysis

Traditional video analysis of the match wher the coach will tag speciffic situations such as scoring points, techniques both in tachi-waza and Ne-waza, penalties, and write some coments.

Time-Motion Analysis

We do extended time-motion analysis of your matches. Where the time for each sequens is analysed and also the quality of techniques performed. For each sequens we also do an SWOT-analysis for even deeper knowlage of your judo.

Techniqal-Tactical Analysis

Then a indepth analys of your technical judo is conducted, wher the coach looks on specific techniques and provide a SWOT-analys for them , and the same is done in different tactical situations during the matches.

Competition Report

We provide you with both the standard competition report in athlete analyzer, but also an indepth advanced report of your judo from different specific situations during the matches.

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We need at leest 3 matches for this analysis, both winning and losing matches!

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How It Works

Step 1

Complete a form telling us about your competitions and what you will get out from our analysis.

Step 2

Our coach will schedule a 30-minute zoom meeting with you to discuss your questions and form responses.

Step 3

The coach will spend 2 hours (3 matches) researching your matches.

*Requirement: Minimum 3 matches.

Step 4

The coach will schedule a 1-hour live review via Zoom, review the data togheter with you, answers to your questions.

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